About Me

I am a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia that specialises in portrait photography such as weddings, events, fashion and head shots.


I believe that everyone has a beauty within them.  Some people can bring out of themselves easily, while others need a little encouragement.  The remaining fact is everyone has it within themselves, in their youth and also as they grow older, where their beauty is the wisdom and experience that”s captured within their eyes.


I take it as a personal mission for myself to work with friends to capture the best in them and preserve it eternally in the form of a photo.  We grow old, we start to forget things, but when we come back to those photos of years past we remember the important things, the fun we had back then, those times we dressed up and the silly things we got up to.  To me, these photos are priceless and unique to those in the photos and myself and is why I love portrait photography more than any other forms of photography.